Sposato Family Vineyards

Sposato Family Vineyards

Sposato Family Vineyards
Sposato Family Vineyards
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Backyard Jams and Jellies

Good evening. “Chief Jelly Slave” Lyn and I had a fairly busy day today, but it’s Winter, and “Puzzle Season” has begun. So, we worked for 5 hours, and then we started a puzzle. This is a wonderful low key time of year for me. I get to walk on the beach (which I did, early this morning). And, I actually get to read books and do puzzles. This is not an option, when “Jelly Season” is in full swing. I am lucky if I can read one article in Delaware Beach Life, in the Summer. You will also note, that we are supporting the grape farmers in Argentina. Normally, we would be drinking Malbec from Sposato Family Vineyards, but we used it all to make our Sposato Malbec Wine Jelly with Roasted Garlic. Sometimes, we just have to make sacrifices. Well, have a lovely night. I need to move that bottle, and those glasses...😁🍷
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Our Story

After six years of researching, studying and visiting the area, the Sposato Family purchased land in the heart of Argentina's Wine Country. They sought this opportunity based on their 25 years of experience in the landscape business., Sposato Landscape Co., Inc. in Milton, Delaware.

The farm was purchased in 2012 as virgin ground. A new irrigation system, electric and other improvements have been installed, with more to come as the winery becomes fully operational.

The Sposato Family Vineyard is located in Mendoza, Argentina at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. It is located between two notable wineries, with others just minutes away.
Blackberry on the nose, medium grip, some granularity on the finish. Pares perfectly with seared brisket, which brings out its floral notes. The finish has a dash of cinnamon.
Alex Bolton ~ Vivino

Nice, easy drinking, medium body. What you'd expect from Mendoza.
Sean McConnell ~ Vivino