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The Clery Act

Stay in compliance with us!
 In February of this year, the U.S. Department of Education released a 46-page report regarding the handling of the Larry Nassar scandal. They concluded that Michigan State University, where the assaults took place, displayed a “lack of institutional control” and violated the Clery Act for years, resulting in an ongoing threat to their campus community.

Outside of those who work for college and universities, many of us may not be familiar with the Clery Act. Jeanne Clery was a student who was raped and murdered in her college dormitory in 1986. Her parents, Connie and Howard Clery, were unaware that she could have been in danger, and standards for campus crime reporting simply did not exist in 1986. The Clerys lobbied for revolutionary policy changes which eventually took form as the Jeanne Clery Act. 

The Clery Act places several requirements on colleges and universities which receive federal funding. These requirements include a public annual security report, timely warnings and emergency notifications by campus officials, and myriad resources for victims of violence, assault, and stalking. 

Eye Need a Witness is the perfect solution for colleges and universities looking to develop and maintain compliance with the Clery Act and keep their students safe. Available now for download from the Apple store and Google Play store, the Eye Need a Witness app allows students and school staff who feel unsafe to send an alert to anyone within the campus network, including campus security and local police. Students and staff can WITNESS, RECORD, and REPORT using the text, photo, video, or audio features.  

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This app turns your phone into a personal safety device. At the push of a button, Eye Need A Witness alerts other nearby users within your community in seconds. Potential witnesses receive the alert when a nearby caller requests a witness or sends a danger alert at a time when they may feel unsafe. Both the caller and the witness locations appear on the map, along with any text, photo, audio, or video details that may have been sent with the alert.

When you feel unsafe, call on your community to WITNESS, RECORD & REPORT
Other Eye Need a Witness users can only see the personal information you include in your user profile. Callers’ information will be shown to responding witnesses, and will only be displayed for the duration of the alert. Witnesses’ information will be displayed to a caller once they have agreed to be a witness and will be visible to the caller on an ongoing basis. Witnesses can see other witnesses’ icons on the map, but are not able to see their personal profile information. Your information will also be visible to any users you have specifically invited to follow you through the app. We encourage users to add a picture of themselves as well as a first name so that they can be recognized when alerting others and/or responding to alerts.