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Print in an Era of Digital Natives

“Print is dead.” This statement has been highly debated over the last decade as digital media and digital marketing has been on the rise. Print is becoming an underrated, but important-as-ever tool in marketing businesses and organizations. A study on the effectiveness of print media done by Millward Brown Digital found that brand favorability was 14% for a campaign when using a mix of print and digital methods, compared to 7% when using only digital. The various advantages of print design can be combined with those of digital to create a comprehensive, effective marketing campaign.

Advantages of Print Design

Advantage #1: Voice of Authority

There has been a rising trend for people to discredit information found on the web as fake news if the content is unique, surprising, or controversial. By creating content in print, it becomes more trusted by consumers. There are more barriers to entry to create a piece of content than just throwing something together for a blog site. Print content tells the consumer that the company is putting more time into generating content, thereby increasing the content’s and organization’s authority.

Advantage #2: Stands Out

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there is a heavy debate about whether print is dead because of the sheer volume of digital content that exists. Amidst all of the social media updates and e-cards your inbox is piling up with, a postcard mailed to you can stand out. Print content offers the advantage of overcoming the noise and commanding your attention.

Advantage #3: Easy Comprehension

When it comes to reading for comprehension and remembering key details, not just highlights, print media trumps digital. With digital content, there is more going on and more options. Consumers are more likely to want to click to the next page or become distracted by an incoming notification. When holding print content, all of the focus is on the pamphlet, brochure, or postcard. This grabs one’s focus and attention, leading to higher comprehension later on.

Advantage #4: Sticks Around

Digital content will only be around until one’s inbox gets too full or new content shows up on one’s Facebook feed. Print content has a longer shelf-life and will stick around longer. Value can be extracted for more than just a few days. With the easier comprehension and longer shelf-life, consumers will be able to get all of the value out of a print design, rather than just what they can retain in a day or so.

How to Easily Integrate Print Design

Clearly, there are many advantages to print design that extend even beyond what is mentioned above. Not only are the advantages numerous, but they are easy to incorporate into a campaign and combine with digital designs.

When creating a brand it is important to present it in a way that is going to resonate with the target audience. Print media can accomplish this, the way it did for Gil Meyer. Blue Blaze worked with Gil Meyer, former Director of Global Issues & Crisis Management at DuPont, to launch Sparke LLC and publish his book “Corporate Smokejumper: Criss Management — Tools, Tales, and Techniques.” After working specifically in Crisis Management for 12 years with DuPont, publishing Gil’s book only gave him added credibility on the subject.

Simultaneously, Blue Blaze helped Gil launch Sparke LLC – his website and his brand. This helped him establish a solid platform for promoting not only his book, which was also available as an ebook, but also his presence as a speaker in the professional community. By being active on his blog and creating a platform where one could subscribe for updates, digital content worked with the print design to elevate Gil’s brand.

Print design is as alive as ever as it continues to combine with digital content. By incorporating print design into a campaign, it increases the authority, creativity, readability, and longevity. Blue Blaze provides expertise on how to design the most effective print design and incorporate into an already-existing brand. 

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