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Metro Merchant Services

Metro Merchant Services
Metro Merchant Services
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Clover Point-of-Sale

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Clover point-of-sale, now with Clover Dining for full-service restaurants is an affordable, do almost everything system for your business.  Contact Metro for a free demo today!  
Category: Credit Card Services, Business & Professional Services
Our Mission: Our philosophy has always been focused on providing the best customer service possible to our merchants.  In today’s world, it seems that service is more of an afterthought.  Metro prides itself in training all our staff to be customer focused.  We have been recognized by two of the largest processors in the country for our outstanding customer service and low attrition rate which in our industry runs very high.  We have a 4% attrition rate vs industry standard of 25-30%.  We are selective in who we hire and allow to represent Metro.  Our reputation is very important to us.  We have had an A+ rating with the BBB with no complaints against us. We hold weekly sales meetings and staff meetings.  This gives our team the opportunity to share their successes, go over challenges as well as introduce new ideas or changes in our industry.  

Upholding our mission statement and dedication to customer service starts at the top.  Our leadership team is all customer service oriented and this is communicated regularly to our staff and merchants simply by the way we interact with each other daily.  We believe it’s important to always treat others with respect and integrity.  Our mission is to partner with companies that can offer our services to help our merchants grow, partners we can trust, who support their communities and create meaningful relationships with our merchants.  By offering our merchants a menu of services, we feel we add value to our relationship while helping them save money while giving them a one-stop shop for their business needs.  We have partnered with paper supply companies, gift card companies; cash advance companies, small business loans financial services, POS software, website designers, online customer-facing payment portals, and so many other additional services.  We value our merchants and seek to meet their needs in every way possible.

Our mission also has been to connect our merchants with each other – providing needed services…keeping it all in the family!  We have successfully matched our merchants together with each other to support their businesses.
"Changing our credit card processing to Metro Merchant turned out to be easy, saves us money and has definitely made my life easier! Switching our credit card processing to Metro Merchants was one of the smartest “changes” I have ever made."