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10 Reasons you should use a local printer versus online. By Las Vegas Color Graphics

You’ve probably seen advertising on the Internet for discount printers that have deals that seem too good to be true. Most of these ads are for businesses controlled from boardrooms far from your local area. Using local printing services has many advantages over these large corporations where you will never actually deal with a live person.

1.  Local Printing Services Usually Offer a Quicker Turnaround Time
When you use local printing services, you will normally get a quicker turnaround time, so you spend less time waiting for your order to be ready and you will get your materials faster. If you use a national printing company your order may be just one of hundreds or thousands each day, and that can mean a much longer wait time until your order is finished.

2. A Digital Printer in Your Local Area Will Offer Better Customer Support
When you use a local digital printer you are almost guaranteed better customer support, and you will usually have access to a live person who can answer all of your questions about the different options and the best choices available so that you get the end results that you want. Large print companies with a national reach may not provide live customer support and quick resolution of any problems.

3. Better Communication
Most local printing services will have better communication between the client and the printer. It is not possible to stop by the physical location of the printer when you use a national printing chain, but when you keep it local you can stop by the printing business and discuss any concerns or requests in person. This means better communication about your order.

4. Build a Long Term Relationship with a Printer You Can Trust
One of the biggest reasons to use local printing services is to develop a relationship for the long term with a printing company that you can trust to handle your orders. You will be able to check your order for quality to ensure that your marketing materials set the mark for your type of business. A long term relationship with a printer could mean discounted pricing with continued orders.

5. Support Local Businesses in Your Community
Utilizing local printing services instead of using a national printer allows your company to support other local businesses in your community. If your marketing campaign is successful, this will benefit the local printer that you use as well as your business. Supporting your community is important, and keeping your orders local can help you do this while still getting top quality printed items.

6. Eliminate Any Shipping Fees
No matter what type of processes you want to use, whether you are looking for a digital printer or a company who offers other methods, you can eliminate any shipping fees and keep your costs down when you place your order with a local printing company. Regional and national chains may not have a local physical location so your order may need to be shipped a long distance to reach you.

7. Get Better Results and Higher Quality Materials
Local printing services will usually offer better results and a higher quality than a printer who has a national reach. Your order is more important, and the local printing company will not have thousands of orders to process. This means the business will take extra care, because your order is more important to them and they will take the time to do it right the first time.

8. Save Money with Competitive Pricing
Competitive pricing is a great reason to use local printing services. Many people mistakenly believe that using a large national printer will mean lower prices, but when you compare printers in your local area, you may be surprised to find that they can offer rates just as low as the national chains. If you will be paying the same price, you might as well get the many benefits that a local print provider can offer.

9. Fewer Hassles
Keeping your print order in your local area by using a digital printer or offset printing business means fewer hassles during the process. If there are any problems there is a physical location that you can visit, and you do not have to worry about being put in a long line of people on hold before your calls are answered, if the national printer even has a live person available.

10. Boost Your Local Economy
When you use local printing services, you are boosting the economy in your area, and keeping your hard-earned dollars in the community rather than sending them out to other areas of the country or world. Locally owned businesses recycle a share of their revenue back into the community. They pay taxes and employ directly from your area.
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It was 1981 when Ron Barbato started a small family run business called Barbato Print. He was inspired in high school after he worked for his Uncle Fred’s company in New Jersey, called Cranberry Press. Ron kept the business small at first and ran his shop out of the basement of his parent’s home. Back then, his Mom handled sales and accounting and Ron ran a single offset press. In 1987, due to enormous growth, Ron moved the business to a much larger facility and renamed the company The Print Shop, Inc.

Over the years, The Print Shop continued to evolve–direct mail services were added in 1998 and 10 years later, in 2008, two digital presses were purchased. In 2013, The Print Shop began providing marketing and promotional services and it was at this time that it seemed fitting to rebrand.

Today, as TPS Graphics, it is our mission to provide the highest quality work, exceptional customer service, and to exceed expectations in every possible way. This pledge has led to our success in a competitive industry. This is our promise and it remains unchanged since our humble beginnings.
They were about 1/2 the price as the others, quick to reply, got the job done in less than 24 hours, and it was perfect. Definitely using again! ~ Jon P 5 Stars