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Oasis Senior Advisors Delaware
Oasis Senior Advisors Delaware
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FREE Oasis Senior Advisors assists seniors and their families in Delaware to find the perfect senior living, assisted living and care options.

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You may not immediately think of vocational rehabilitation as something that would involve seniors. After all, this type of rehabilitation aimed at helping people who have disabilities to secure work, should they wish to.

The fact is that some seniors benefit from intense medical supervision and supportive care, such as that provided in Congregate Living Health Facilities (CLHFs). CLHF homes help to provide seniors with ongoing care needs. Needs can include some help, which is similar to that supplied during vocational rehabilitation, such as help with adjusting to health conditions. However, other seniors can make a valuable contribution to the workforce if they receive the vocational rehabilitation that they need.

Why seniors now require vocational rehabilitation 

The fact is that people far often need to work until they are older. If the economy is not to collapse under the demands of a graying population, people need  to work for as long as possible,

The result of this can seen in figures published in The Economist, which indicate that in the mid-1980s, 25% of American men aged 65-69 worked. Whereas, that figure is now approaching 40%.

As far back as 2004, researchers were suggesting that there would be a significant increase in the number of people over the age of 65 applying for vocational rehabilitation in the following 25 years, thanks to the aging population and the need to continue working to a higher age. The shift towards an aging workforce has placed greater emphasis on the need for vocational rehabilitation, given that seniors often have disabilities that they have acquired through aging.

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Oasis Senior Advisors Delaware is a FREE service for families to help families and seniors find senior living, assisted living in Delaware, independent living in Delaware and care options in Delaware. The mission of Oasis is to reduce the time and stress on seniors and their families when searching for alternative living options. Our dedicated and compassionate Senior Living Advisors will work with seniors and their loved ones to identify preferences, health care needs, location, and financial considerations and diligently work with each unique senior in a personalized way to help them find the ‘best fit’ for their specific situation. Oasis Senior Advisors was developed in Maryland, and we remain a local and personal resource, helping families with visits and touring if they want the extra assistance. Let Oasis Senior Advisors Delaware be your resource and support you and your family’s needs during this challenging time.

General Information
The mission of Oasis Senior Advisors is to reduce the time and stress on seniors and their families when searching for alternative living options. We will make every effort to determine what makes each of our seniors unique and provide guidance so they may find a ‘perfect fit’ that best suits their needs.
Can I give 6 stars? 10? All of the kids lived too far away to help my parents look for the right place. Lynn was AMAZING I really can't say enough nice things about her. She read my parents so well and found the exact place to match their personality and budget. They felt way more in control of the situation going to look at apartments with a realtor instead of being dragged around and nagged by their kids. She was amazingly supportive to both me and my parents. We all felt a part of the process.
Lisa Strasser McCracken - Facebook 4-26-19