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Category: Advocacy, Education, & Support, Cancer,Children with Special Needs
Who We Are

Live Like Lukas Inc. was formed in late 2017 after the untimely death of Lukas Kusters, also known as “The Dutch Destroyer”. After losing Lukas, it weighed heavily on his mother's heart to find a way to honor him and keep his memory alive by giving back. She firmly believes that her family would have been completely lost during their journey if it weren't for the assistance they received from many other similar non-profits.

Due to an outpouring of love and support after the airing of an ESPN special highlighting Lukas and his love for Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles, and the special time they were able to spend together, this site was created as an avenue for purchasing "Dutch Destroyer" bracelets. We are pleased to say that additional products will be coming soon! As we continue to grow as an organization, updates about upcoming events will be highlighted here as well.
"I'm a Dallas Cowboys die hard. So I root against the Eagles at every chance. However, they have some great people on their team like Wentz and Long. I'm glad Lukas was in heaven to watch his team win a Super Bowl. His story was such an inspiration to me."
– Tony Ortiz, February 19, 2018