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CityLight Vineyard Church

CityLight Vineyard Church
CityLight Vineyard Church
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Newark Community Day

Main Street Newark Sept 15th
Want to join the CL team for Community Day? You can "man the table," hand out water, do balloon animals, or do face painting. Join us as we serve our community! 
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Our Vision

We believe in going out of our way to seek people out who want to connect or reconnect, with Jesus. We know it is intimidating to come to church, especially a new one. So we do everything in our power to invite you, make you feel welcome, and ensure you not only connect with Jesus and people but have a great time doing it!

We believe that people thrive in a healthy community. In everything we do at CityLight we strive to create meaningful relationships and friendships. Whether it be at one of our community outreaches, or small groups, or Sunday mornings – we try to create lots of opportunities to meet people and make friends.

We believe that our faith in Jesus is about so much more than Sunday mornings. Sundays are just the tip of the iceberg. We strive to put action to our faith in Jesus, by living intentionally in our communities. We have been given so much, and we want to give back to those in need spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

We believe in connecting all people to a growing, life-changing, relationship with Jesus. Jesus is truly who makes us different. Our seeking, loving, and caring are inspired and defined by how Jesus has sought us, loved us, and cared for us. We are just giving back to others, what God has given to us.
A church community that is comfortable and welcoming, with great music, gatherings for children and teens, and teaching that applies to all walks of life no matter if you’re a church person or not! – Matt Stoudt, Facebook 2018