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Recognition Rewards and Cultural Enrichment

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Just as infractions will be immediately coached, students who are achieving their goals behaviorally and academically are recognized. Recognition and praise are often given; our goal is to help students understand the difference between positive acknowledgment and negative attention. The Program Mentor determines the students who will be recognized and rewarded on a weekly basis with gift cards and movie tickets, etc. A student who shows consistent positive growth both behaviorally and academically are groomed to become peer tutors and are recognized not only by their peers but also by faculty at their respective schools. ‚Äč Providing cultural enrichment is one of the keys to helping our students see themselves in a different light. We help them understand not only their potential but the possibilities. Cultural trips include museums, plays, historical trips as well as college visits. In 2014, we were able to take our GSE students to the White House.
Category: Family, Community & Civic Organizations
Pathways to Success mission is to prepare youth, adults, and their families for successful lives. We utilize innovative and creative approaches in mentoring and education to help individuals develop to be healthy, productive, contributing and responsible citizens. Working in service to the at-risk communities in a spirit of offering hope through education and information, creating positive systemic change through empowerment.