Sussex Co Parkinson's Support Group

Sussex Co Parkinson's Support Group

Sussex Co Parkinson's Support Group
Sussex Co Parkinson's Support Group
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Group Exercise Programs Patients

Jump in with the group and improve your life!

For people with Parkinson’s disease, exercise is more than about being healthy; it’s an absolutely vital component to maintaining balance, mobility, and the ability to perform activites of daily living.  

The skills that deteriorate in PD interfere with everyday movement, therefore movements become slow, small, and poorly sequenced.  To maintain or restore those PD-specific skills, a focused and practical program is needed.

Our experienced and certified personal trainers work closely with each other and with our members to support their specific needs.  Our empatheic and compassionate team uses research-based exercise programing that can help individuals with Parkison’s GET BETTER and STAY BETTER.  Through their efforts to educate and empower, our members are given HOPE and are able to improve the quality of their lives.


Category: Healthcare
Our Mission ~ The Parkinson’s Education and Support Group of Sussex County Delaware exists to help improve the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease through education, exercise, and support.

How we can help...
In addition to helping connect people with programs that will aid them, the Parkinson's Education & Support Group of Sussex County also produces educational programming, provides grants to exercise programs specially-tailored to the needs of persons with Parkinson's Disease, and sponsors support groups and other events designed to bring people together in a mutual supportive and encouraging environment.

"If I could give one piece of advice for anyone diagnosed with Parkinson's it would be to join our support group. Our exercise programs are life changing. The support you receive from the fellow members is essential. Your quality of life will be so much better once you know more, move more, socialize more. This group and our programs will change your life!" — Kelley Harp, Parkinson's Group Trainer