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Boys and Girls Club of Delaware

Boys and Girls Club of Delaware
Boys and Girls Club of Delaware
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Join Us January 8th!
Join over 100 community members to come support & cheer our local Champions who have accepted “The 20 Four 20 Challenge”. Guests will meet our Champions, tour the Club and learn more about the Western Sussex Boys & Girls Clubs as we “kick-off” the 20 FOUR 20 celebrations!
Category: Children with Special Needs
For 86 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware has impacted thousands of lives across Delaware. We are the largest licensed provider of childcare in Delaware and the only statewide Boys & Girls Club in the nation. Each and every day girls and boys are left to find their own recreation and companionship. An increasing amount of kids are at home with no adult care or supervision. Young people need to know they have a place in their community where they can go. Clubs provide a safe haven for youth, allow them to meet with friends and be a part of positive peer groups. Club programs teach life skills, conflict resolution and focus on the development of character. Clubs also provide members with positive role models and a nurturing environment that help improve decision-making skills.