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Congratulations to Chelsy!

Chelsy's hard work has paid off!
Chelsy has thrived in her first year on the job at Forever 21. She uses a personal notebook to record the number of customers she’s helped on each shift and how many boxes of clothing she’s processed - and she always strives to beat her personal records.

And her hard work has paid off! She was initially hired as a utility worker, but has quickly risen to Sales Associate after proving adept at customer service. “Chelsy is a hard worker and eager to learn,” says her manager. “She’s also very reliable. We love having her on our Forever 21 team!”

This is Chelsy’s very first job. She loves that she gets to work with people her age, the music that plays throughout the store on her shifts, and how quickly time passes when she’s working hard. And the best part? “Beating my goals,” says Chelsy, “and getting to take my paycheck to the bank!”

Congratulations, Chelsy on a stellar first year at Forever 21!

Is your team looking to add a talented, dedicated employee like Chelsy?? Contact to learn more about how CIS can help you meet your hiring goals.
Category: Disability Resources & Support
Our mission is to empower people with disabilities through individualized employment opportunities that foster self-sustainability, equality, and community.

Through partnerships with area businesses and organizations, CIS works to find jobs that fulfill the employment goals and desires of the people we serve.

Our Vision

Employment First - Having a job is the optimal way to make meaningful community connections and lead an independent, self-sufficient life.

Employment for All - ALL people, regardless of disability, have both the right and the responsibility to be an active part of their community.

Inclusive Workforce - Employers value an inclusive workforce as strong business practice, and work with community resources to meet their labor needs.

Diversity - Our work is carried out by diverse, well trained professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.
"THE most wonderful job i ever had. The people and the benefits are unbelievable!!" - Dwayne J., Facebook