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Scholarship Program

Our program is multi-faceted, serving low-income families and single, student parents.
Our scholarship clients benefit from all the programs at Mom’s House at no cost. We empower single parents by offering them the tools necessary to finish their education through a multitude of services, thus enabling our single clients to raise their family successfully and become financially self-sufficient.

We strive to make quality Early Childhood Education a priority and a possibility to families in need, that reside in our communities. We educate our children in an exploratory fashion which leads to self-discipline, motivation, concentration and excitement about learning.

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Category: Advocacy, Education, & Support, Family, Community & Civic Organizations
The primary mission of Mom’s House is to empower single parents to complete their education.

Mom’s House Wilmington, established in 1997, serves as a continual beacon of hope for low income, single parents seeking to further their education. Mom’s House Wilmington provides scholarship and free services (including 4-star early education, mentoring, and tutoring) to any student parent in exchange for a contract stating they will provide 3 hours of volunteerism weekly at Mom’s House, maintain a C average or above, participate in monthly parenting/life skill classes, and aid with all fundraising.

Joining forces in the community allows Mom’s House to continue to help a growing number of families to succeed as positive parents, employees, and active volunteers. We continue to empower, uplift, and guide our families and student parents to succeed and SOAR!
"I know that when I reach my finish line, Mom’s House will be there cheering for me the loudest. This is my family. This is my second home." - Brittany S.