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Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation
Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation
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Fresh Start scholarships continue to support non-traditional women in Delaware

Women Return to School for a Degree and a Fresh Start
Category: Continuing Education, Advocacy, Education, & Support,College and University
Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation gives a scholarship and a mentor to women going back to school to finish their undergraduate degrees at Delaware colleges. We were started in 1996 by Wilmington Women in Business, and to date we have given 555 scholarships totaling over $1.1 million. 

Our scholars are non-traditional students, many of them single mothers. Their children watch as their mothers work hard toward an education goal, graduate, and improve the circumstances for their families. This gives the next generation a head start in understanding the value of an education. 

We are very proud of our scholars. We have a 70% graduation rate, which is terrific considering all of the obstacles these women have to overcome to achieve this. 
"I would like to thank the Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation for the opportunity you have given ME and many others to pursue my dreams and find myself again after years of giving so much to my family." - A Current Fresh Start Scholar