Department of Services for Children, Youth and Families

Department of Services for Children, Youth and Families

Department of Services for Children, Youth and Families
Department of Services for Children, Youth and Families
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Adoption Resources

All children deserve a loving family to call their own!
Adoption is a great way to build a family. People who choose to adopt children from foster care are very special. They have a strong belief that all children deserve a loving family to call their own. There are dozens of children in Delaware that want nothing more than to become part of a forever family.

The children available for adoption through the Division of Family Services are often the victims of unfortunate circumstances that led to their need for new homes. Although many of the children have special needs, their greatest need is for a permanent family where they can be loved and nurtured by dedicated individuals. Your marital status, wealth and education are not critical requirements for adoption. We only require your willingness and ability to provide a permanent and loving home.

Delaware's Heart Gallery 
Portraits of children currently available for adoption in Delaware.


DSCYF Adoption Contact Information

Mailing Address: 1825 Faulkland Rd, Wilmington, DE 19805
         Telephone: 302-633-2655
Category: Children's Programs, Advocacy, Education, & Support,Family, Community & Civic Organizations
The Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families (The Delaware Children’s Department) was established in 1983 by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware. Its primary responsibility is to provide and manage a range of services for children who have experienced abandonment, abuse, adjudication, mental illness, neglect, or substance abuse. Its services include prevention, early intervention, assessment, treatment, permanency, and after care. The Department also offers desirable career opportunities, attracting and retaining proud and talented employees who are motivated to think of the child first in all that they do.

The Children's Department employs approximately 1200 staff at 31 locations, who serve over 8,000 children on any given day. Among the workforce are 52 Family Crisis Therapists (FCTs), who work in elementary schools throughout the state. Additionally, the Department provides licenses to nearly 2,200 daycare operations, which provide services for more than 49,000 children in Delaware.
Our mission is to engage families and communities to promote the safety and well-being of children through prevention, intervention, treatment and rehabilitative services.