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Playing With a Purpose

Dexter Williams is "Playing with a Purpose" for his mother who is living with myasthenia gravis (MG).
By Pat Welter

“This is going to be his year,” Cheryl Williams says.  She is looking at pictures scattered across her living room table in her Davenport, Fl home.  

“We’ve got a whole memory board here to work on putting together.”

She’s excited for the future, cherishes the past, but there’s no time like the present.

“I don’t necessarily need the pictures as a reminder, because I carry him with me every where I go in my heart,” she says while holding up a picture of her son.  

“I’m very proud of Dexter.  Don’t think a mom could be more proud.”

Cheryl’s son is former Notre Dame running back Dexter Williams.  She holds up a picture of Dexter after scoring a touchdown last season.  He is pointing to the woman wearing his number two jersey in the crowd.

“I think of all the pictures this is my favorite,” she says.  “That’s because every time he made a touchdown and I was there he would always run over to the side and let me know this one’s for you momma.”

They appreciate every moment they have together, because you never know how many you are going to have left.  

Read the full article and watch the video here.
Category: Advocacy, Education, & Support, Disability Resources & Support,Human Services
Our Mission
Enhance the quality of life of families who are affected by neuromuscular disease through support groups, inclusion, and life-changing accommodations.

Our Vision
The quality of life of families who are affected by muscle disease will significantly improve in result of advocacy, volunteerism, and involvement in communities across the U.S.

MMF will be recognized for fulfilling the unmet needs of children and adults who are affected by muscle disease in The First State, and across the U.S.
"Thank you MMF for my new wheelchair van and my new ramp in the front of my house. It’s easier to travel and easier when I want to go to fun places!"
— 13 yr. old DMD Muscle Champion, Eddie