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Elevated Community Development Corporation

Elevated Community Development Corporation
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Category: Home Renovation, Business & Economic Development,Community Assistance
Elevated Ministries began in 2016 helping churches and nonprofit organizations develop programs to serve the needs of their congregations and communities. Our goal was to assist Kingdom ministries to create wealth.

In 2018, we created Elevated Community Development Corporation and began to serve the needs primarily of probationers and parolees by providing flagging certification and job referrals. While successful, we realized the need for additional skill training to include soft skills and more opportunities for employment. We created a program model that allows ECDC to provide direct hire opportunities. 

We are currently operating in Sussex County with plans to expand Statewide by October of 2019.
"Give me the unloved, the homeless, the unwanted. I’m gonna show you they can be great. I’m gonna show them they can be great." - Lillian Harrison-Brown

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