Champions for Children's Mental Health

Champions for Children's Mental Health

Champions for Children's Mental Health
Champions for Children's Mental Health
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From our friends at NAMI Delaware:

NAMI Homefront is a free, online six-session class for family, friends and significant others of Military Service Members and Veterans. The class helps families comprehend what the Military Service Member/ Veteran is experiencing related to trauma, combat stress, civilian life, PTSD and other mental health conditions. Topics covered include mental health, communication, handling crises, treatment and recovery.

The program is designed to help family members understand and support their Service Member/Veteran while maintaining their own well-being. NAMI Homefront leaders have personal experience with mental health conditions impacting their Service Member/ Veteran. The class is free but you are expected to attend all six sessions.

Registration is available at

We understand that attending an in-person class can be difficult for busy individuals and families. Online classes meet weekly in a virtual classroom, so participants experience the same level of interaction and learning as traditional in-person classes. You must have access to a laptop, PC or tablet with a stable internet connection to participate. Audio will be via telephone line, a headset is recommended.
Category: Children with Special Needs, Disability Resources & Support,Family Shade Member
ABOUT - Our team offers support, connects families with resources and services, and can help you navigate care systems.

Family support services have been shown to reduce hospitalizations, improve caregiver outcomes, increase family well-being, and help to unite families.

Our specialized experience allows us to advocate on behalf of these families with children who have mental or behavioral health challenges.

MISSION - Champions for Children’s Mental Health empowers, inspires and educates Delaware families caring for children with behavioral and mental health concerns. We believe in the dignity of every family, in the importance of hope and the unique value of lived experience. We embrace a respectful, professional and exuberant organization culture that cultivates family members into mental health community leaders.

A Champion’s for Children’s Mental Health FSP will:
  • Help families better understand the system of care for children and youth with special needs
  • Serve as an advocate for families
  • Help families develop skills so they can advocate for themselves
  • Attend healthcare, school, and court meeting with families
  • Serve as an emotional support and a positive role model to parents and caregivers
  • Assist the system in providing services that are family-driven and responsive to the needs of those it serves
  • Work with families in solving problems related to the care of their child or youth
  • Assist in identifying and training new leaders in the arena of family involvement
  • Build community awareness about Champions for Children’s Mental Health and our services
You are making such a huge difference ... keep up the amazing work!
- D. Sturgeon