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History of T&E Care

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the Gulf Coast in September, 2005, a number of the residents of Tredyffrin and Easttown Townships (as well as a few neighboring communities) pooled their resources to support a few families who chose to relocate to this area. In order to help in an efficient way, we needed to organize ourselves. We called our group “Tredyffrin & Easttown Care.” Requests for help were disseminated to friends and neighbors by email, and word spread quickly. Before we knew it offers to help were pouring in. The Residence Inn in Berwyn offered rooms at a very reasonable rate, a family offered a car, doctors offered services, and other community members offered jobs, clothing and general support. The community was incredibly generous in supporting three families that made their way here, all from the New Orleans area, but all through very different circumstances.

Throughout the fall, community members worked hard to make these families feel at home by taking them shopping, helping the kids get enrolled in school and involved in local sports leagues, providing occasional meals, teaching them how to navigate the local roads, and generally being a support system for their everyday needs as they worked to put down roots in this area. In December 2005 one family found an apartment and no longer needed T&E Care’s help. Then in February 2006 the second family moved back to New Orleans. In March 2006 the final family moved to an apartment in the area. When this family made its move the community helped to furnish the entire apartment for them: furniture, electronics, all kitchen/linens/bath items, etc. It was amazing!

We were encouraged that so many community members were interested in helping other families. Much had been done to help these three families who relocated to the area, but we knew there were families who already lived in our area who struggled with difficult situations. While the problems these local families face might be different from those who left New Orleans after the hurricane, they are problems, none-the-less. It is our hope that a little support from the community to help a family through a difficult time might be all that is needed to get a family back on track again.  It was shortly after the holidays that we decided to apply for non-profit status and officially form T&E Care.

T&E Care received its non-profit status in May, 2006. It was agreed by the founding board to have an all-volunteer organization, so any money raised would go directly to families in need.  To date we have helped hundreds of families in many different ways: making a rent payment, furnishing an apartment, paying a utility bill, helping with some college costs, finding someone a job, helping someone get medical help, supplying clothes or toys to a family, offering legal advise, shopping for food, or getting a computer for a family. When a need is identified we do our best to help out always reaching out to the community for assistance.

Families that we help are usually referred to us through the local schools or churches. Occasionally they come directly to us. We always confirm all requests for help. Because we don’t have a continual or guaranteed source of money, we prefer that a family is working (or trying to get a job). We try to get a family over a hurdle, but we are not a regular source of financial help for them.

Be very proud that you live in communities like Tredyffrin and Easttown, and those communities around us. We CAN make a difference to those whose lives are turned upside down for whatever reason.

T&E Care Mission & Goals

The mission of T&E Care is to maintain a network of people providing financial and other material assistance to persons in need in and around the Tredyffrin and Easttown township area.

T&E Care will provide assistance to local persons in need by:

Identifying persons in need through contacts in the community

Communicating these needs, respecting always the privacy of the intended recipients, to the T&E Care network via email, this website, and other media.

Facilitating the delivery of such assistance through T&E Care directors, officers, and other volunteers.
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T&E Care Confidentiality Policy

Guidelines for Volunteers:

Volunteers play an important role in the work of Tredyffrin & Easttown Care. The assistance and support they offer to the Organization and its clients is invaluable and their contributions are part of what make  T&E Care work. The following guidelines have been developed to assist you in serving in this unique function. Offering to volunteer with T&E Care assumes your understanding and agreement with these guidelines.


Information you may see or hear can affect the lives and futures of T&E Care clients and their families. Volunteers must respect the privacy of this information and maintain the same in strict confidence.

Relations with T&E Care Clients:

Volunteers are viewed by T&E Care clients as representatives of T&E Care and are perceived by clients as authority figures. When clients raise issues of a personal or controversial nature, volunteers are placed in a difficult position. While working in a volunteer capacity for T & E Care, however, volunteers must refrain from debating, discussing or imposing their opinions on clients on personal or controversial issues.

Special circumstances:

In some instances volunteers may be asked to sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement substantially in the form set out below.  This is due to the extensive access that the volunteer may have to confidential information and is intended to serve as a reminder of his/her obligation to maintain the confidentiality of this information.  Please note that the directors and officers of T&E Care are required by law to maintain such confidentiality; this is not necessarily the case with volunteers. 

Accordingly, when the volunteer has extensive access to confidential information but is not an officer or director, T&E Care may require execution of a Confidential Information Agreement to specify what his/her obligations are with respect to the information received.