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Gold Challenge,perfect opportunity To Help Our Church

Join Us, Gold Challenge October 6-13th!!
October 6 & 13, 2019

Going For Gold

Sunday, October 6, and the following Sunday, October 13, have been designated Gold Challenge Sundays. Gold Challenge is when we all look inward to the current operation of our church to support its budget, so we may then look outward to the needs of our congregation, community, and the world to accomplish our mission.

 At the end of August, total contributions to First Presbyterian Church were running behind by $64,000, or about 8% of the annual budget for contributions. Since it is typical for contributions to slow down over the summer, Gold Challenge is the perfect opportunity for each of us to help our church catch up and finish 2019 in a healthy financial position. As we enter into this season of gratitude, please consider the blessings in your life that might lead you to a spirit of extra generosity. 

Could this mean an additional contribution to the church this year? Or, if you haven’t yet fulfilled your commitment for 2019, is this the right time to do so? The Gratitude Team hopes you will consider this carefully and prayerfully and respond in the way that is right for you during the Gold Challenge. Thank you!
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Called to love God and one another, First Presbyterian Church responds to God’s grace by following Christ with ministries of hospitality, worship, faith development, service and generosity.
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