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SL24: Unlocke the Light

SL24: Unlocke the Light
SL24: Unlocke the Light
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Talking with the Military About Suicide

Opening the conversation is the first step.
From High 5 Hospitality, LLC:

August 26, 2019 - We share this story because we care and even if we only help one person, it’s worth it.

Today, Dover Air Force Base executed a Tactical Pause to begin the conversation....about Suicide.

Our very own Bobby Pancake connected DAFB with guest speakers for a few squadrons. Our friend Chris Locke spoke on behalf of SL24: UnLocke the Light and how the suicide of his son has affected him and his family. He talked about signs to look for, ways to address mental illness, and allowed his son Aedan to share how it affected him.

Our takeaways...

Who told you life was not worth living? They lied.

Suicide takes the pain of one and spreads it to many.

We need to drop the D from PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress is not a disorder.

Remove the stigma from mental health. It’s no different than high blood pressure or diabetes. It’s an illness.

Talk...just talk about it.

Throughout the day there were many tears, a few hugs, and a lot of talking. In appreciation, both Chris and Aedan were coined today and Bobby Pancake also coined them on behalf of H5H.

Thank you Chris and Aiden for your bravery today.
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Mental illness does not care if you were a college athlete or homecoming king. For Sean Locke, depression did not read his resume or care how much hope or potential he had in his life. Sean was a part of everyone’s team. Whether it was picking his little sister up from school or spending countless hours on the court, his light and love made him everyone’s first round draft pick. Despite his shining personality, he was not able to see out of the darkness. Sean lost his battle to depression on July 18, 2018. Just a few weeks before his 24th birthday.

We know that in order to fight darkness, we need a team of light. A team full of family, friends, and mental health specialists with a common goal to support those who are currently fighting their own darkness.

Sean’s life and death has touched many people. Sean was always willing to help others, he was always willing to be a friend to anyone. Sean was a kind, caring and loving person. In his spirit, the Locke family has begun the SL24: UnLocke the Light Foundation.

The UNLOCKE THE LIGHT movement has three objectives:
  • Educate high school and college students to the signs of depression, remove the stigma of depression, and make available resources to help people with depression and the real threat of suicide.
  • Assist high school and college athletes with the transition from a life of sports to a life free from depression or with the tools to manage depression. Over 30% of D1 athletes will deal with depression either in their last year of playing or the year right after playing.
  • Create a safe haven where high school and college students receive professional help and speak to peers about their struggles with depression and the threat of suicide.
"Fantastic organization to provide education and resources for teens and young adults struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide"
- Marty C., Facebook