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Featuring: Nahjee Grant

Learn more about the founder and head of The World Was Made For You
At last summer's Do Gooders Summer Meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting an incredible young man named Nahjee Grant. 

Nahjee is a child author and founder of The World was Made for You, a non-profit designed to open doors for all children based on the belief that no child's imagination should go unexplored. 

Nahjee Grant is an award-winning philanthropist, motivational speaker, published author, TV host, and celebrated storyteller who has shared his amazing life story to full-capacity rooms filled with people of all ages. But Nahjee’s story wasn’t always so glamorous. Once a high school failure, Nahjee was so unmotivated during his early high school days that he flunked out of 9th grade.

Fortunately, Nahjee was given a second chance to prove himself and soon began to see that he had a purpose in life. As a young man, he learned to combine his incredible talent as a storyteller with his passion for helping others. The result: a powerful, relatable story that resonated with people of all ages, races and religions. Nahjee began sharing his personal journey of failure-turned-into-hope through his books and with local audiences, and quickly became a highly sought-out speaker.

Hailed as "The Cool Smart Kid" by his admirers, Mr. Grant shares his powerful story from being a failing student to children’s author, motivational speaker, and award winning philanthropist. Today, he travels to deliver his message of perseverance, hope, faith, and dreaming big.

Learn more about The World Was Made For You:

Learn more about Nahjee Grant:
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The Do Gooders is a 501c3 grassroots organization supporting a variety of causes and individual charitable endeavors. It was started by Gerry Sills and Sandra Blumberg a little more than 5years ago; we are a small group, only 25 engaged members. We think that today, more than ever, it is important to know that your charity dollars go where they can really help. We have donated gently used merchandise to those in need and provide hands on support. We put book carts on the oncology floor of U of P so those receiving Chemotherapy can have a book to read while receiving treatment. We have donated clothing and toys to various preschools and needy groups.

Some of the causes we have supported are Arise Charter Academy; it is the first Charter high school in the Country for children in foster care. These vulnerable teens get lost both academically and socially as they move from school to school and foster home to foster home. Many end up pregnant, incarcerated or homeless. Arise provides a nurturing atmosphere and reaches out to meet the emotional and educational needs of these students. It is such a unique program, it is being considered as a model for other foster high schools nationally.

Another group is Dancing Classrooms Philadelphia. We have assisted Dancing Classrooms, by providing ballroom dance lessons, to 5th and 6th graders in the inner city, teaching them not only to dance but allowing these impressionable children to learn respect, politeness and appropriate touch. All invaluable life lessons. We were told by one of the teachers that this is the closest thing to an arts program available in their school.

Another wonderful cause we support is Mission Kids, they offer a comprehensive centrally located and multidisciplinary team to aid victims of child abuse, and they film their testimony, so they only have to tell authorities their disturbing story once. In the past when these cases went to trial many children were so traumatized they refused to testify. This innovative program helps achieve justice for these children. As we have grown, our focus has evolved to support our city’s most vulnerable citizens, our children and their families. Perhaps in the classroom, small library, daycare or maybe, one at a time.

Our basic mission is empowering our children through arts, education and personal involvement. Because we after all, are the true beneficiaries of our efforts, getting back much more than we ever give. We hope we can in some small way live in a better community, guiding others to follow, and, at the end of the day, know we made a difference.
"Reaching under-served communities Globally, Nationally and Locally."