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There are many resources available to individuals impacted by a brain injury.
Brain Injury Association of America – (703) 761‐0750 

Their mission is to advance brain injury prevention, research, treatment, and education and to improve the quality of life for all individuals impacted by brain injury. Through advocacy, they bring help, hope, and healing to millions of individuals living with brain injury, their families, and the professionals who serve them.  

Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA) – 1‐866‐635‐7097 or 1‐800‐444‐6443

Their mission is to prevent brain injury and improve the quality of life for people who have experienced brain injury and their family members through support, education, advocacy, and research. It’s designed to give brain injury resource information.  Since its inception in 2002, volunteers have handled over 2,000 phone calls. 

Disabilities Rights Pennsylvania (DRP) – 1‐800‐692‐7443

Disability Rights Pennsylvania mission is to
protect and advocate for rights of people with disabilities so that they may live the lives they choose, free from abuse, neglect, discrimination, and segregation.

American Stroke Association –  1‐888‐478‐7653

Created in 1997, the American Stroke Association is dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, and  treatment to save lives from stroke — America’s number 5 killer and a leading cause of serious disability. They fund scientific research, help people better understand and avoid stroke, encourage government support, guide healthcare professionals, and provide information to enhance the quality of life for stroke survivors.  

Brain Trauma Foundation – (212) 772‐0608

 Brain Trauma Foundation is led by our founder and president, Dr. Jamshid Ghajar. In 1986, Dr. Ghajar set forth to translate neuroscience into effective solutions. In the 30 years since, Brain Trauma Foundation has saved or significantly impacted, for the better, the lives of countless patients worldwide. With groundbreaking global partnerships, such as the Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF), South America FUNDCOMA, and the Open Society Foundation, Brain Trauma Foundation is ensuring its educational outreach and actionable guidelines are touching the lives and trauma centers of patients worldwide.
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RESTART Your Life / RENEW Your Mind is an assistance fund for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors.

On April 19, 2009, I fell 12-15 feet down a flight of steps hitting my head & face on the way before landing on the back of my neck. I was found immediately and medical help was called. Upon the arrival of First Responders, I remained unconscious on the floor. After evaluation, it was decided I needed to be flown to the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania where I lay in a coma four days. The fall had resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury.

The prognosis was bleak and the extent of recovery, if any, was unknown. I was kept in intensive care at the hospital for two weeks while having some procedures done, as well as trying to control multiple DVT blood clots in major femoral vessels. A stainless steel (IVC) filter was inserted to avoid clot particles from breaking away and traveling to my heart / lungs, creating bigger or possibly even fatal issues.

Once the tracheotomy tubes were removed, I was transferred to Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital in Malvern with minimal physical and cognitive abilities having been recovered before being transported. Physically, I could not walk, hold myself up, nor perform any mundane daily life functions at all without assistance. There were basically no fine motor skills functioning of the left side of my body. Cognitively, I didn't recognize people I had known most of my life and had no recollection of the fall or where I was. I am told I couldn’t hold a conversation, talk clearly, nor even fully comprehend what was being said to me. I don’t remember about one month of my life.

On April 19th, 2016 I will celebrate 7 years of living with Traumatic Brain Injury. Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury requires an understanding (of the survivor) that people think you look and act normally. It is often referred to as “The Hidden Injury” because most people don’t see anything wrong. They do not realize what you are going through. I was told my life would never be like it used to be! There is no doubt that this is an ongoing recovery effort.

As I progressed in this recovery effort, I realized that although many doors to TBI Assistance had been opened, I ultimately realized they closed as I walked through them many times. Being considered an "Advanced Level of Rehab" patient it became more and more obvious that assistance for higher level rehab patients was non-existent or too stringent to acquire. I then decided I wanted to give back to the TBI Community in some way.

After being inspired by someone who had their trauma many years ago, I decided to move forward with this fund. The goal of this fund is not to pay for actual rehabilitation or medical needs, but to assist with making people aware of resources available including things like education, advocacy, and attending conferences or seminars. The intent also is to provide assistance to TBI Survivors whom have the opportunity to experience "Once in a Lifetime" events after acquiring Traumatic Brain Injury.

Funds will be raised for this 501c3 Organization through personal and corporate donations as well as various events throughout the year.
"One key project of Kevin and RESTART is to raise money to buy bike helmets for children. I thank Kevin for bringing us together to better understand the challenges and possibilities for victims of TBI.”
- PA State Representative Carolyn Comitta