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Family Promise of Southern Chester County

Family Promise of Southern Chester County
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The Impact of Family Promise on Southern Chester County

Changing Lives, Keeping Families Together, Achieving Lasting Success

Family Promise helped 52 families (67 adults and 112 children) find stable employment and sustainable housing since it opened in November 2015.

Family Promise of Southern Chester County utilizes the time and talents of hundreds of volunteers and a network of congregations to provide over 10,000 meals and 3,500 bed nights annually for families experiencing homelessness in our community.

We believe that families should stay together—not be separated—during a difficult time in their life. Families achieve stability and success together. Under our program, children can continue to go to the same school They keep the same friends, are educated by the same teachers, and their education is not interrupted. We arrange for transportation to school and provide a home address that students can use.

Our families take an average of 60 days to find stable housing because of our intensive case management and community support that continues even after families leave the program. Our goal is for families to achieve long-term sustainability and independence in their home.

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Who We Are:

Family Promise is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to alleviate homelessness since 1986. Family Promise of Southern Chester County was established in 2015 as one of over 200 nationwide local affiliates.

We are not a shelter, we are a program that that keeps families together who are experiencing homelessness and provides meals, shelter, resources, and mentorship to help them get back on their feet.


Family Promise of Southern Chester County is committed to alleviating homelessness in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Our Mission:

Family Promise of Southern Chester County helps children and their families experiencing homelessness achieve lasting self-sufficiency and stability by providing shelter, meals, and comprehensive support services through a network of congregations and volunteers.

The name "Family Promise" refers to the commitment which communities make to families in need, and also to the potential inherent in every family.
To alleviate homelessness in Southern Chester County, PA, we take a multi-faceted approach and offer emergency services, food, and social services to families in need.

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