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Another amazing day!

So thankful!
Another inspiring morning at The Delaware KIDS Fund and Harvey, Hanna & Associates, Inc.. We had the pleasure of supporting amazing young minds from Mrs. Nicole Johnson’s (Mrs. J!) Kindergarten and First grade class at Newport’s Richey Elementary School. Our group was fortunate enough to pitch in (along with other local businesses) for the purchase of new iPads to help reinforce the learning experiences and engaging these amazing students who are kinesethic, visual, and/or auditory learners. The BEST PART, we had the chance to meet the kiddos today and watch them work their iPads. Support your community and support our next generation. If everyone pitches in and works together – the community we live, work and play in – will continue to be a powerful (and safe) place in the future.
Category: Children At Risk
The Delaware Kids Fund Created To Assist Kids In Distressed Situations

The Delaware KIDS (Kids In Distressed Situations) Fund is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing goods and services to children at risk and in distressed situations.

The Delaware KIDS Fund provides essential services to local young people, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Financial support for essential needs, such as clothing, shelter, and food, thereby filling the gaps in the “social safety net;”
  • Financial support towards counseling and mentoring for abused, grief-stricken or disease-afflicted children; and
  • Scholarships, fellowships, and education grants for students in grades K-12, including support for special needs and learning-disabled students.