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We Work for Health Pennsylvania

We Work for Health Pennsylvania
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1 in 10 Medicines Worldwide is Counterfeit

Why drug importation is bad for patients

Ensuring patients have access to needed medicines is critical, but the importation of unapproved medicines, whether from Canada or elsewhere in the world, is the wrong answer.

The United States is the gold standard when it comes to regulating the safety of our medicine supply. Importing medicines from countries that do not have our same strong standards could taint our medicine supply. Without proper Food and Drug Administration oversight and enforcement of laws designed to protect patient safety—which importation schemes would undermine—there is increased potential for counterfeit or adulterated products to infiltrate the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain, with life-threatening consequences. 

Importation schemes have been proposed at various times as an approach to reducing drug costs. However, these schemes fail to acknowledge that the resources required to ensure the safety and efficacy of any drugs being imported from or passing through other countries into the United States would outweigh any potential savings.

They also ignore that generics comprise more than 90 percent of the U.S. market today and are widely available lower-cost alternatives for patients. Not to mention, the exponentially higher risk of counterfeit, adulterated and substandard products entering the United States and harming patients would be playing Russian roulette with patients’ lives.

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Why Drug Importation is Bad for Patients
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Each and every one of us plays an important role in helping Americans gain and maintain access to life saving medicines, in order to fight chronic disease and to live longer, healthier lives.

Currently, WWFH Pennsylvania is a network of 50+ life science companies, business and labor groups, and patient/community organizations that seek to educate our elected leaders, the news media and our communities about the important economic and social contributions of the life sciences industry.

We stand together on critical public policy issues that allow the life sciences sector and the surrounding community to thrive, so that together we can:
  • Foster an environment for increased economic development and service as a positive economic driver for Pennsylvania
  • Lead in the research and development of new cures which make a difference in the quality of life for Pennsylvanians and millions of Americans
  • Invest effectively in our communities, our patients our employees, our businesses and community partners
The biopharmaceutical sector is the foundation of one of Pennsylvania’s most dynamic innovation and business ecosystems. Not only does the industry invest heavily in the research and development of new treatments and cures, it also generates high quality jobs, powers economic output and exports for the U.S. economy and sustains a very large-scale supply chain.
"We Work For Health Pennsylvania promotes significant social and economic impacts of the biopharmaceutical and life science sectors in our state."

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