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Meet Our Dentists

Learn more about Drs. Matthias, Swiatowicz, and Glavin
Practice Without Pressure, Inc., the Delaware non-profit that specializes in healthcare for people with disabilities, has three dentists for its Center on Sunset Lake Road in Newark.

Michael Matthias, D.M.D., M.A.G.D., Andrew C. Swiatowicz, D.D.S. and Hope Thomas-Glavin, D.D.S. will support the dental needs of children and adults with disabilities who come to PWP for training and treatment.

“We are thrilled that Drs. Matthias, Swiatowicz and Glavin have joined our staff,” said Deb Jastrebski, founder and chief executive officer of Practice Without Pressure.

“Since we opened our Center two years ago, we have seen steady growth in the number of people who need our services, especially for dental care.”

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Our Dentists

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Our Mission

Helping people, especially those with disabilities, receive quality medical, dental and personal care with dignity and respect.

Our first Practice & Procedure Center in Newark, Delaware, is now open!

It combines practice for fearful patients before treatment with routine care to meet everyone's needs.
"No other comparable program exists which meets the needs of a diverse group, using unprecedented methods."
- Thomas Kelly, MD, MPH, Former Medical Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services