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NCC Council of Churches & Charities

Who We Are?

NC7 (New Castle County Council of Churches & Charities for the Commonweal of Children) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that originated as an outreach program to help, support, and provided services for abused and neglected children in the New Castle, Delaware area. Through volunteerism, fundraising, grant writing, and recruitment, NC7 is intent upon procuring funds, goods, services, and surrogate families for child victims. In collaboration with the Division of Family Services, NC7 endeavors to find and support a nurturing home for every child isolated by maltreatment and lack.

Our Purpose

The unfortunate reality is that many children enter foster care due to their risk of harm or suffered traumas. Oftentimes, the trauma mars their spirit and body, deforms self-image, and aborts their potential. The child begins to see their lives as utterly broken and unalterable. How can they make sense of their rejection, abuse, and neglect—and betrayal by the very people expected to protect and nurture them? Frequently, they blame themselves for their maltreatment, and eventually succumb to self-loathing and even self-destruction. For safety, the child is removed from dysfunctional families and temporary placed in foster care. NC7 aims to improve the plight of children traumatized by abuse and neglect by supplementing aid extended by government agencies—we endeavor to impact children’s lives in a direct, immediate, full, and positive way.
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Mission Statement:

NC7 will promote resiliency, competence, self-esteem, and recovery in abused and neglected children. We will achieve these aims through the implementation of seven (7) key programs that offer financial assistance, material contributions, and diverse services, both preventative and restorative in scope. Our efforts will culminate in societal well-being because victims healed perpetrate no ills.

Seven Major Programs

Care Giving
NC7 will apprise the public about the urgent need for quality caretakers and educate them about the prevention of cruelty to children. 

We will attempt to pair children with pre-qualified volunteers that will advise and counsel children, engaging them in edifying, encouraging, esteem-building talk that inspires, enlightens, and diverts children in wholesome ways.

Consecrated Life
This program will help children avail themselves to worship instructions in the faith of their heritage choice. Having a spiritual foundation will help them heal, and it will prepare them to grow up with positive values (such as honesty, charitableness, civic mindedness, and devotion to family).

To provide children with the staples of life that they might thrive.

To expose children to the Arts and Sciences for cognitive skills development and therapeutic value.

Capers & Mirth
To give children access to wholesome entertainments:  oases of joy in desert lives.