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Domestic Violence Project

Help us ensure that individuals with disabilities can use the safe havens and shelters in Delaware
The Freedom Center is currently working on a project to ensure that individuals with disabilities, who are victims of domestic violence and/or abuse, can utilize the safe havens and shelters located in Delaware. We have been researching the data and statistics related to the numbers of individuals with disabilities residing in Delaware who have been victims and how they were served.

We are also in the process of creating a self-assessment instrument to be used by safe havens and shelters to evaluate ADA compliance, both from a physical plant and access to support services (e.g., personal care attendant) perspective. Our end-goal is to assist safe havens and shelters to prepare, from a physical plant and support services point of view, to effectively serve victims who have disabilities. We have estimated that this will be a three-to-four year project.

If you personally or someone you know was a victim, please share your experiences in gaining access to a safe haven or shelter. Tell us what barriers you may have encountered; and what you feel should be done to improve the system.

This information will help the Freedom Center identify issues that may need additional training for technical assistance development.

Please comment on topics of interest or concern to you; submit comments as often as you like.

Please e-mail your story to and include “Domestic Violence” in the subject line.
Category: Family Shade Member, Advocacy, Education, & Support,Disability Resources & Support
The principal mission of Freedom Center for Independent Living is to empower persons with disabilities by enabling them to gain effective control and direction over their own lives.

We assist individuals with navigating the bureaucratic system so that they can acquire the support and services they need to achieve and maintain a dignified, independent lifestyle within the community.

We help promote a growing sense of empowerment, self-determination, self-esteem and self-direction within persons with disabilities by providing, at a minimum, advocacy, support, and training services. To include:

Individual and Systems Advocacy
Information and Referral
Peer Support
Independent Living Skills Training
"In 2005, I was no longer able to work because of my disability. I was very fortunate to find the Freedom Center for Independent Living." - Betty Lou S.