Art Therapy Express Program, Inc.

Art Therapy Express Program, Inc.

Art Therapy Express Program, Inc.
Art Therapy Express Program, Inc.
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Looking Forward a Great 2020

With the passing of 2019 and the anticipation of 2020 I can’t help but take a minute to express my heartfelt gratitude to our participants, their families, our Art Therapy Express Board of Directors, and our interns and volunteers. Thank you for your support in our fundraising efforts the past several months. I was touched by the generosity of our families. It became crystal clear that the true gifts are in the relationships we are blessed to share within our walls.

2019 has been a year of many laughs and some tears, but because you have become family, our journey was traveled together.

Each day that Shayla and I are blessed to be in the studio we learn so much from each of you about kindness, love, friendship, and self-less giving... and the true joy that so naturally evolves when we simplify, discover and create together.

Happy New Year friends and family...
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Art Therapy Express Program, Inc., is a ten-year 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to make the arts accessible to ALL people by promoting inclusive art programs where children and adults with disabilities work alongside non-disabled individuals to create art.

Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where people with disabilities are part of a community in which they are able to express themselves through the arts.

Over 50 million Americans have a disability and nearly two-thirds of these individuals have a severe disability. People with disabilities are subject to social and community isolation and have minimal opportunities to participate in activities that offer cultural experiences and build meaningful, ongoing connections.

For 10 years, Art Therapy Express has successfully decreased isolation among those with moderate to severe disabilities by providing visual and expressive arts programs that allow people with disabilities to socialize and create art.

Our art therapy classes and programs serve over 1,000 people annually in Delaware public schools, at the Delaware Art Museum and our own Kaleidoscope Art Studio.

Please watch this wonderful video Content Delaware made about Art TherapyExpress

"Lisa Bartoli, executive director of ATE, is a tireless advocate for art therapy programs in Delaware. Her a vibrant and social hub for the Arts."
- P.M. Facebook