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Employment Services Specialists at the Library

The Delaware Division of Libraries and the Delaware Department of Labor partnered to reach more residents who may be in need of employment services, but can’t travel to Department of Labor office locations.

Department of Labor Employment and Training staff have office hours at seven libraries across Delaware. Check out the locations and hours here:
Category: Information & Technology, Career Services,Family, Community & Civic Organizations
The purpose of the Delaware Library Consortium (DLC) is to provide enhanced access for the residents of Delaware to information through a single online library database. This catalog enables Delaware Library Card holders to use any of the participating libraries. In addition this provides a broader, more extensive collection of materials and resources and economy of scale savings for member libraries. The Delaware Division of Libraries (DDL) in cooperation with Delaware libraries will strive to offer Delaware’s residents access to a full range of information, materials and resources.

Currently, membership of the DLC includes 33 public libraries, 6 academic libraries, 16 school, and 15 special libraries. Membership in the Delaware Library Catalog is a partnership with DDL and participating libraries. Any publicly-funded Delaware library may apply for membership. School districts and charter schools may also apply for membership. All publicly-funded institutions such as Archives and Museums are also eligible for membership. Private and special libraries may also be considered for membership with final acceptance to be determined by the Directors Committee.

Governance for individual libraries is overseen by the applicable library agency for the public libraries, administration for the college libraries and school districts for the school libraries.

Libraries or institutions interested in membership should contact the DDL. This request should include their intent to join the catalog and provide information about their collection. Libraries and or institutions should be prepared to supply all information about their collections.
Inspiration Space, Job Centers, Makers Workshops, eBooks, Traditional Books, Computers, WiFi....even mini Comic-con events!! And don't forget those incredible 3D printers. I have a 3D Pokémon on my desk and I'm proud of it. Delaware Libraries are the pathway to innovation and the FUTURE while giving us our much-needed connection to the past.