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Stacks of paper form a solid border around Ankur Arya’s desk. The tests, quizzes and worksheets are filled with equations and bear the handwritten names of the various students who submitted them. To these kids, he’s Mr. Arya.

Upon finishing school at Haverford College in 2012, Arya joined Teach for America for a two-year commitment. But something compelled him to stay at Thomas A. Edison Charter School in Wilmington, so he stuck around.

Edison is in a section of Wilmington plagued by crime, poverty and high unemployment rates—typical problems that have affected inner cities for decades and eroded their public schools. Expectations for kids there are low. But teachers like Arya are manufacturing new ones…

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Category: Education
The mission of Leading Youth Through Empowerment is to increase access to top-performing high school for students from low-income backgrounds in Delaware through knowledge and leadership.

LYTE is an organization based around opportunity and access. Through rigorous academic learning and leadership, our program attempts to help students obtain access to the highest quality education in the state of Delaware. It also gives them the tools to succeed in such demanding academic environments.
This is powerful Ankur Arya !! ~ Thank you for pushing these important themes to reinforce students awareness on the topic. So glad they have this additional opportunity of study, reflection, and discussion. ~ Erika Gutierrez