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Event series aims to introduce locals to Newark’s hidden gems

When 60 people attended The Newark Partnership’s “Knowing Newark” event at the Chapel Street Playhouse on Tuesday, a show of hands demonstrated that a third to a half had never set foot inside the theater before.
By the time they left, however, they all knew more about the storied, all-volunteer theater company, as well as other arts organizations in Newark.
“We’re trying to introduce people to things you’d think they would know about but they don’t,” said Paul Keely, co-chair of TNP’s civic engagement committee.
Tuesday’s event was the second in the monthly Knowing Newark series, which aims to introduce Newarkers to the city’s “hidden gems” – civic and cultural institutions that have dedicated fan bases but might be unknown to other residents.

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The Newark Partnership will:
  1. Be a nonprofit, community-based, citywide institution*
  2. Engage participation and active support from the city government, the university, business and community institutions, residents and students;
  3. Promote sustainable, citywide economic and cultural development that improves the overall quality of life;
  4. Maintain the vitality of downtown Newark as a central zone of community life**
  5. Support initiatives that make Newark a preferred place for all people to live, work, enjoy, learn, do business and visit;
  6. Strengthen communication, cooperation, and collaboration among community partners to effectively address the needs of our diverse and inclusive community; and,
  7. Develop a vision for the future of Newark.
* Citywide means within the geographic boundaries of the city of Newark.

** Downtown Newark includes Main Street, South Main Street, Delaware Avenue, Cleveland Avenue and adjoining areas that contribute to the commercial, cultural and aesthetic core of the city.
The mission of The Newark Partnership (TNP) will build upon Newark’s distinctive assets as an inclusive and innovative university community in which businesses, community institutions, city residents, and students work together toward the common goals of enriching the city’s prosperity and improving the quality of life.