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31st Annual West Chester Charity Ball

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On Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 6:30 in the evening until 11:00 pm, Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children invites guests to its 31st Annual West Chester Charity Ball at the West Chester Golf and Country Club.

Last year, Friends Association helped 210 children and 92 families overcome homelessness. A feat that might not have been possible if not for the amount raised at the West Chester Charity Ball — the Association’s largest fundraiser. Replete with gourmet food, wine, music, and a lively auction, the event has evolved into one of the most awaited events in town. This year, it celebrates 31 years since its inception.

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Category: Children with Special Needs, Charitable Donations,Homelessness
OUR WORK FOCUSES ON families with children, who are the unintended victims of homelessness. Homeless children get sick and go hungry twice as often as other children. They are more prone to depression and anxiety and less likely to do well in school. We help these children and their families cope with the complex problems they face while we guide families to find permanent, affordable housing.

EMERGENCY FAMILY SHELTER: Our Shelter program combines a private, safe setting and basic necessities with effective, individualized case management services for homeless families with children. We strive to keep parents and children together as they work toward becoming stable and productive in their homes, jobs, and schools.

HOMELESS PREVENTION PROGRAM: We help families with children find or maintain safe, permanent housing. Our program balances strong case management services with financial assistance, when needed, for families coming from a shelter or those facing eviction. Our goal is to help families become independent within 12 to 18 months.

OUTREACH TO HOMELESS FAMILIES: The Outreach to Homeless Families Program was created to provide immediate help to Homeless Families that had not had help previously. Families are referred to Friends Association through ConnectPoints and a case manager immediately begins working with families to assist them in accessing emergency benefits, housing coordination and employment assistance.
At age 12 I came into the foster system. My parents were both disabled. Friends association found a home for me. 33 years later, my beautiful wife and I have gone back to the system and have adopted five Children. Eternally grateful for the Friends Association and taxpayers. - David C.