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Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020. It's a new year, it's a new decade (depending on who you ask), and it's a new Tech Forum!

That's right; if you missed our annual holiday extravaganza event, we announced some changes for Tech Forum in 2020. We gave you the first look at our new logo and announced that Tech Forum would be changing its format.

We will no longer be a membership-based organization; we will be event-based. We will also be moving from a monthly event to more significant quarterly events.

We understand there are many events and only so much time, so we will be bringing you more significant, more impactful events quarterly. We will also be partnering with several organizations to put together several of our events.

We are in the middle of the branding process and will be launching our new website soon! In the meantime, if you receive an email about membership renewal, please ignore it. Membership has been set to $0. We will be changing platforms altogether, but in the meantime, you may receive a membership alert.

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!

Jake Ruddy
Tech Forum President
Category: Association, Information & Technology
ABOUT US ~ The Technology Forum of Delaware (TFOD) is a non-profit association that provides value to its members by providing a dynamic environment to share information, opportunities, technology, trends, and new ideas. TFOD includes members from all facets of technology and all phases of the business life cycle. Our educational events showcase technology and knowledge transfer. Our networking events strengthen our network, friendships, partners and referral sources.

The Technology Forum of Delaware hosts monthly programs alternating between educational seminars and professional networking formats. Programs attract between 50-100 business decision-makers.

The Technology Forum of Delaware Board is made up of a diverse group of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders from small and large corporations.
At the " Beyond Start-Up Event " Ken Hoffmann Really enjoying this conversation. Two very different approaches to starting and growing a business. Great stories and insights!