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Social Studies

Being socially responsible is a key element of running a small business
Written by Rhonda Abrams, featured on Costco Connection Magazine

Small businesses have long been the backbone of their communities. Small businesses support local charities, Little League, food drives, school fundraisers and more. Most small-business owners don’t have to be told to be charitable-they already are. But being charitable is just one part of the wave of interest and increasing demand for businesses to be socially responsible.

In addition to focusing on the bottom line, being socially responsible is a smart part of a company’s strategy for success.

Social Steps:
  • Create an inclusive workplace with fair pay.
  • Donate a portion of profits. Choose an organization and make it clear a small percentage of your pre- or post-profit sales will go to that cause.
  • Think and work sustainably. Look for ways your business can reduce waste, consume less energy and lower its carbon footprint.
  • Donate time. A good way to build team morale as well as contribute to your community is to have your employees volunteer-on paid company time-for a good cause.
  • Donate products or services to causes you believe in.
Category: Startup Business Incubator
The EEC ~ Delaware's only business incubator offers assistance to small startup businesses in New Castle County and the greater Wilmington region.

Company Overview ~ The EEC connects businesses with a comprehensive network of partners such as business mentors, investors, bankers, attorneys, accountants, and other business professionals. EEC provides affordable office space equipped with the infrastructure to launch companies from a concept or home office to company headquarters centrally located in New Castle County.

General Information ~ The nurturing environment of the EEC allows a business to focus on growing their business, developing business skills and internal processes, so they can graduate with a sustainable business model that improves their chances of success. Founding date 2007
The EEC is an excellent resource for startup companies in Delaware and around the world who are looking to launch into the U.S. Frank and his team are pros and they have a wealth of knowledge in all things business development!
Emma Joy Pautler - Facebook - 5 star