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Due to unforeseen circumstances, November Groups are CANCELED. Groups will resume on JANUARY 7th with our new spring series. Our planned November guest speaker will be rescheduled and the date will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for details regarding our annual holiday friends and family celebration, trip to Candytopia (Candytopia - Philadelphia) and holiday lights the family night.
Category: Aspergers
Asperger's Alliance was developed with the goal of creating an environment where children, adolescents and adults on the Autism Spectrum and their families could experience belonging. Often families come to us feeling lost within the system and struggling to find acceptance. Asperger's Alliance was created to be a safe environment for our participants to develop the skills necessary to develop friendships and improve their confidence and to prepare for their transitions throughout school and into adulthood.

Our parent group was designed to educate parents with strategies to support their child or young adult and recognize their own self-care needs; while providing a network of parents to share resources and experiences.

Social Development Groups
Asperger's Alliance's social development programs are designed for elementary school, middle school, high school, college students, as well as emerging and working adults with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum and their families.

Elementary/Middle School
Young Thinkers is designed to help elementary and middle school students explore the world around them through a variety of fun activities and interactive experiments while focusing on 3-key areas of social development.

High School & College Students
Navigators focus on interpersonal relationships, executive functioning, and employment readiness skill development through a combination of skill-building meetings, social activities, volunteer and employment readiness experiences.

Working Adults
Full Spectrum is designed to provide working adults with an outlet to develop social relationships and acquire resources and knowledge from various professionals.

Parent & Caregivers
Relax & Retreat is a place for parents and caregivers to develop strategies to support their children and also learn how to address their self-care. Our parents play an active role in helping to facilitate activities and plan community events; while providing mutual support within the group.

Art in Me (Art Therapy)
Art in Me focuses on getting creative ideas into the minds of our members and creative materials in their hands. It was formulated to inspire that there is a little artist in everyone and to promote personal expression without perceived ability or self-proclaimed talent.

Asperger’s & Anxiety
Asperger's & Anxiety is designed to help support high school and emerging adults with developing coping strategies to assist them with social and emotional challenges.

Educational Consultation
Asperger's Alliance recognizes how frustrating and overwhelming navigating the educational system can be for a parent advocating for their child. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to ask the right questions and feel confident that the services and supports your child is receiving are best meeting their individual needs.

Community Outreach
Asperger's Alliance is dedicated to providing Autism education and expanding awareness in the community. Asperger's Alliance has partnered with a number of community businesses. Asperger's Alliance staff members are available to provide education and training to businesses to assist their staff to develop an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders and how to better support their employees needs and teachers and other professionals to assist them in learning and implementing strategies that have been proven effective to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorders achieve success.

Asperger's Alliance is always striving to create opportunities for our young adults to demonstrate their strengths and talents expand their skill sets both in the community and within our organization.

Service Learning
Our philosophy is strongly rooted in providing our members the opportunity to develop transferable skills. We believe the life experiences acquired by participating in service-learning promote social skill development, increase an understanding and awareness of diversity and also create opportunities for advocacy, self-awareness and personal growth.